This year is the first year EFJA MARKETING become sole distributor of Janssen Cosmeceutical Products in Indonesia, and this is the first year we have the training seminar of Janssen Products in Indonesia. With Mr. Janssen courtesy, Klara was sent with this big duty. Her responsibility was to give the training to staff, distributors and beauty salons, those have purchased and the potential one on the products.

DAY 1 (25 March):

Klara arrived in Jakarta on 25th March 2003. This time, I feel I am not well prepared to the seminar as the plan for grand opening in Medan was delayed until May and as the seminar falls coincidentally with the 1 week Event of respecting our ancestor (26 March-2 April). So the seminar was done quite simple in our beauty salons in Jakarta and Medan by inviting all the staffs and most importantly, distributors and beauty salons. We had discussed over the preparation that should be done before seminar. Klara had also given me lots of feedback on how the seminar should be done, giving some successful examples done in other country. I must admit, since this is my first time holding this kind of seminar, I need a lot of input and Klara has done a good job in this. The night was just followed with the dinner at one of the traditional Indonesian Restaurant serving Indonesian original and yet spicy food. Was surprised how Klara can handle the spiceness, can say even better than me. Night was early and sent Klara back to the hotel at Sari Pan Pacific.

DAY 2 (26 March):

The first seminar done in Jakarta on 26th March at 10 p.m. About 25 people attended the seminars, which include 7 of our staffs. Language was a bit of barrier and I have to be a translator for half a day until it was taken over by one of our distributor from Surabaya, Mrs. Siskaristi when Klara perform body treatment.

 The first treatment done was the lifting treatment, followed by the body and bust treatment in the afternoon.


The seminar finished about 5 p.m. Photo session was taken with all the staffs, distributor and beauty salons who have become our customer.


And the night was followed with the dinner at the revolving restaurant at the heart of the city where the whole Jakarta city was overviewed.

DAY 3 (27 March):

Morning, we have a Question and Answer Session on the products at the salon between the staffs and Klara. We fly to Medan at about 5 p.m. in the afternoon. In Medan, my sister, Surjani and my brother in law fetched us. I stayed with my family while Klara stayed at Grand Angkasa International Hotel. We had fabulous dinner at the Kesawan Square, one of the food attraction place at the heart of city in Medan.

DAY 4 (28 March):

This time, I feel we have better preparation with all the complete products, projector and video camera in hand. Staff sitting on the seminar room, distributor and beauty salons from cities like Siantar and Rantau Prapat, 2 small cities outskirt of Medan also arrived. Klara began to explain all the products briefly and yet clearly. Before the treatment, Klara would explain the usage of the products first, the ingredients, and how to use in theory. Questions and answers followed with that. The first treatment done was the Whitening Treatment. Step by step instructions were told, while the staffs and guests looking on by the side on how the treatment should be done.


In the afternoon, again we have body and bust treatment. This time my sister has to take over me as a translator. The seminar session finished about 5 p.m.

DAY 5 (29 March):

Second day of seminar done with the theory explanation in the morning, and followed by Oily/Acne Treatment. This time the seminar finish a bit earlier at about 2 p.m. The session finished with the Diploma handout at the end. At about 7 pm at night, we depart to Brastagi, one of the tourist attraction which located 2 hours from Medan by car.

DAY 6 (30 March):

Trip to Brastagi, a small cooling mountainous area, where we had corn eating experience and small shopping was done at one of the market there. Later of the day, we continued our trip to Lake Toba, one of the largest lake in the world. The journey takes about 3 hours, but we stopped by Siantar and meet up with one of our distributor there where she showed us the treatment room and the showcase of the products.

DAY 7 (31 March): Trip back to Medan. In the afternoon, we showed Klara on our new beauty salons which have 3 floors. The first floor consists all facial treatment, which can occupy about 30 beds. Second floor consists all the spa and sauna rooms. The 3rd floor is the training centre for all the staff, distributor and salons. Klara did some photo of the building, but I feel personally it was just unfortunate the opening has to delay. Night time, Klara had dinner with me and all my family at one of the seafood restaurant.

Conclusion: I feel the seminar this time was a success. All the staffs, distributors and salons have much clearer knowledge on all the products. And I feel the result was quite significant, where currently, after the seminar, I have some new beauty salons from Malang, Cirebon and Pamanukan who have taken the products.

Future Plan: We will have  2 new beauty salons opening in Medan and one in Pekan Baru this year. By this year, I hope I will be able to increase the market in other cities near Jakarta, such as Bali, Yogyakarta, etc. And hopefully, next year, Klara can come again, and by that time, I am sure I will hold a bigger seminar in Hotel where I will invite some existing distributor, beauty salons, dermatologist, and those potential one to listen.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr.Walther Janssen for trusting us to become the sole agent of Janssen Cosmeceutical Care in Indonesia. I have confidence to always deliver to your expectations, not only in marketing, but also in delivering professionalism of the treatment. I also like to thank Klara, who have come so far from United States to give the magnificent seminar. On behalf of our staff,  my sister, and all our distributors, we would like to thank you and Klara for the support.

Written by: Efendi


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